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Kion for Microsoft Azure

Kion is proud to be a part of the Microsoft Partner Network to provide a solution to help customers easily manage their cloud presence at scale.

Our cloud enablement software builds on top of the native Azure best practices and services to help manage subscriptions, enforce budgets, and automate compliance.

Kion’s capabilities are aligned to Microsoft’s five disciplines of cloud governance:

  • Cost Management - Using Kion, you gain visibility of cloud spending across different types of Azure subscriptions (EA and CSP, Commercial and Government). Through a single pane of glass you can automatically trigger actions to notify, pause, or completely stop spending based on budgets.
  • Security Baseline - Kion allows you to set up and enforce security policies to meet regulatory, company, and project-specific requirements. Through Kion’s Cloud Rules, Azure Policies and Role Definitions are centralized and automatically applied, based on where the subscription is aligned in the organization, to enforce consistent baselines.
  • Identity Baseline - Kion supports a variety of identity providers, including Azure Active Directory, to allow users to authenticate to any of their Azure subscriptions as well as Kion itself. Our solution becomes a central location that cloud operations teams can use to grant or revoke access.
  • Resource Consistency - Through Kion, you streamline your subscription provisioning process. Our software automatically applies Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates via inheritable Cloud Rules to setup secure infrastructure like VNets, configure logging, and enforce the use of approved VM images.
  • Deployment Acceleration - Kion makes it simpler to move applications from dev to prod by integrating with CI/CD offerings and supporting multiple Infrastructure as Code languages. We help ensure deployment processes are followed by applying consistent Azure Role Definitions based on life-cycle environment to ensure only certain users can perform specific actions.

Kion doesn’t obstruct access to Azure capabilities or attempt to duplicate native Azure functionality. Rather, the solution builds on Azure to automate cloud management tasks, reduce operational risk, and deliver a well-governed cloud. Kion helps you achieve a single pane of glass view into your Azure cloud from one simple, intuitive interface.

If you’re incorporating Azure into your cloud landscape, check out our resource on Governance for the Azure Cloud.