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10 signs you might need Kion for cloud governance — and more

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Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 3:05pm

  1. You don’t know how many cloud accounts and resources are being used by your organization.
  2. You're manually “enforcing” policies for cloud usage using spreadsheets and wiki pages.
  3. You've had an instance where an employee leaving your team wasn't deprovisioned from your cloud.
  4. You’re using and managing multiple applications to manage your accounts, enforce budgets, and ensure compliance in the cloud.
  5. You’ve overrun your monthly cloud spend budget.
  6. Your team members are procuring cloud services using personal credit cards.
  7. You can’t hire enough people to effectively manage your cloud presence and keep up with the demand from your users.
  8. You've had a team member inadvertently violate a compliance policy.
  9. You have a dedicated team that is solely focused on reconciling cloud spending.
  10. Your cloud management office is viewed as the ‘Department of No.’

When You Use Kion for Governance...

  • Your cloud accounts are aligned to your organizational hierarchy, making it easy to see your overall cloud presence.
  • You automate the process of applying and enforcing policies, ensuring that the 50th account you create looks like the first
    account created.
  • With one step, you remove a departing team member from Kion, revoking her access to all cloud accounts.
  • Cloud rules are applied once in your hierarchy and inherited by accounts below, preventing users from going outside policy boundaries.
  • Budget enforcement actions freeze spend when your specified threshold is hit.
  • Team members easily request a new account or access to an existing account, removing the temptation of shadow IT.
  • Your existing team can easily manage your cloud governance needs…
  • … and the team uses one solution to manage accounts, enforce budgets, and ensure compliance.
  • Your financial managers use Kion to allocate funding, get an up-to-date view of spend, and reconcile at month end.
  • Your cloud management office is now the ‘Department of Yes,’ provisioning accounts and granting cloud access and policy exemptions quickly.

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