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Cut Your Cloud Costs with Zero Tradeoffs

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Last updated on February 3rd, 2023 at 4:19pm

Cloud Ops Today: Doing More With Less

Your operations team is already leveraging the cloud to lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your IT infrastructure. Your team is becoming more agile and efficient, which is a good thing, because you need to accomplish more than ever before.

But even with all that, you’ve just received notice: you need to cut your department’s costs again—a seemingly impossible task without making some big trade-offs.

Cutting costs while continuing to innovate (or even maintain the status quo) is a huge challenge, and it’s one that many IT decision-makers face. There are limited options to whittle down an IT budget without losing staff or canceling vital services.

Luckily, there’s a way you could save 30% on your cloud bills just by reclaiming funds that are being wasted every month—without any sacrifices. Request a demo to see cost savings opportunities in action.

Stop Paying for What You Don’t Need

Research has shown that organizations worldwide are making the costly mistake of paying for what they don’t need in the cloud. Gartner found that organizations without a plan for cloud cost management may be overspending by 70% or more.1 They also estimate that cloud system infrastructure services spending may reach $82 billion by 2022.2 That means billions of dollars could be wasted on resources that are unused or overprovisioned.

The reason overspending occurs is simple: most IT leaders don’t have clear visibility into account-level spending or the tools to monitor, adjust, and rightsize their resources properly. Some cloud service providers (CSPs) offer limited cost control functionality, but they don’t offer multi-account, multi-payer, or multi-cloud support.

Kion’s savings opportunities help you identify, monitor, and reduce your money-wasting resources across multiple accounts, organizations, and CSPs, all in one intuitive interface, for maximum impact on your TCO. Savings opportunities help you lower your cloud costs in the smartest way possible: no trade-offs or sacrifices, just big savings in reclaimed cloud spending.

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