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Feature Friday: App API Keys

Rabee Zuberi

1 min read

Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 10:20am

Our public API enables you to programmatically interact with Kion. Learn how to take advantage of this functionality by generating a Kion app API key within the application.

First, you want to ensure that API key generation is enabled.

  1. Go to Settings->System Settings, and scroll down to App API Access.
  2. Toggle on App API Key Generation.
  3. Set the limit of how many keys per user are needed, and the lifespan of each key.
  4. To ensure the proper permissions are given to the user to be able to generate and use API keys, go to Settings-> Permissions.
  5. Search for 'API' to see the various permissions regarding API keys, and select the desired permission.
  6. To generate the API key, click the drop-down arrow in the upper right.
  7. Select App API keys.
  8. Generate your own API key by clicking Add.
  9. Enter the name, and click Create App API Key.
  10. Copy the key right from the displayed prompt.

You can now use this key in your own terminal to run commands.

We provide Swagger documentation to view our public endpoints. In our documentation, you’ll see all the public endpoints available for use.

Visit our support center for complete documentation on using our APIs.

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