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Feature Friday: Kion Dashboard Overview

David Kalish

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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 10:19am

In the cloud, context is critical. Context tells you, the receiver, what importance to place on something and conveys meaning. Having the right context results in better decisions. Kion provides context about your entire public cloud environment and delivers information about what is relevant to you and your level of access. One of the most obvious places we do this is on the Kion dashboard, and we provide this context across five key areas:


The spending tile gives an at-a-glance view of the spending across all of the accounts and projects that a user can access. This adds a layer of transparency and awareness that many users wouldn't otherwise have. This helps everyone to ensure they don't exceed allocated budgets and thresholds and to make informed decisions about how what they do will impact spending.


Notifications can help you focus on things that are easily forgotten or overlooked. And they can also help you to take action on urgent changes in your cloud environment. For example, you can receive notifications for when a project's funds are about to expire or run out or when an enforcement action is taken or cleared. Keep in mind that the settings for notifications can be configured in multiple places and be tailored to exactly what you want to know about.

Compliance Score

The compliance score shows an aggregation of compliance findings across the resources that you have access to view. You can see how many compliance checks are running and also see how they break down by severity. This can help inform you about how your environment has changed or how previous actions have impacted your compliance posture. This creates important context, especially when it comes to baselining and preparing for an audit. Kion helps security and compliance professionals by showing where the gaps are so they can get a jumpstart on satisfying their regulatory requirements.

Quick Cloud Access

This is how you federate into different cloud accounts. Kion places this front and center so you can quickly gain native access to all of the accounts you have access to across the there main cloud providers — AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud — all in one place. With a simple click, you can be inside any account from any of the cloud providers, and changing accounts can be done just as simply and easily. This makes working in multi-cloud environments much easier for people at all levels of access and puts some of the most important resources, the cloud accounts themselves, front and center in an easy-to-navigate place.


Many users find themselves needing to visit Kion p[projects and organizational units (OUs) frequently. As an organization's cloud estate grows more vast and complex, it can at times be difficult to navigate to the correct place quickly. Favorites allows you to bookmark frequently visited Kion projects and OUs for quick access to save you the time of hunting around just to get in the right place.

The Launchpad for Working in the Cloud

Kion's dashboard serves as a catalyst for accomplishing meaningful work by providing important context and avoiding needless tedium. The dashboard can be used to make informed decisions relevant to the exact scope of permissions of a given user right upon login. It can also be a place that accelerates navigating to the right place and bridging the gap between cloud providers. Kion's dashboard makes it easy to log in, informs you of important or urgent changes, and gets you in the right place to take action.

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