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Feature Friday: OU Policy Inheritance

David Kalish

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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 10:18am

Kion's organizational chart serves as a visual representation of your cloud estate across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud that is entirely customizable to how you want to visualize your cloud environment. Typically, these are mapped to functional areas or groups inside an organization like Marketing, Operations, Engineering, IT, etc. The building blocks of this chart are Organizational Units (OUs) and Projects. OUs are not only containers for other OUs, projects, and cloud accounts but also provide granularity to governance, policy, and reporting.

Hierarchy and Inheritance

OUs are hierarchically structured and with that hierarchy comes the inheritance of policies for subsidiary OUs. In these cases, policies and cloud rules are inherited by the descendant OUs and projects. This automation allows for visibility into the governance and management of your cloud estate and makes multi-cloud compliance much more manageable. Instead of manually applying policy to cloud accounts or resources, using Kion's cloud rules and cloud access roles at an OU level automatically applies them to descendant OUs, projects, and accounts. You can also quickly apply cloud rules and cloud access roles across your organization by applying them to the top-level OU.

This makes the once complicated tasks of applying levels of governance to different environments (Production, Staging, Dev), preventing drift, managing IAM, and adhering to different compliance standards across cloud providers and departments much simpler.

If you'd like to see a demo of OUs, projects, and Kion's organizational chart, please get in contact with one of our experts.

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David previously was a Principal Solutions Delivery Manager at Kion.

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