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Feature Friday: Project Diagnostics

Matt Duda

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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 10:15am

The Project Diagnostics functionality within Kion allows you to easily see how cloud rules and cloud access roles are applied to a project.

To access project diagnostics:

  1. Select Projects from the left navigation, and then select All Projects.
  2. Choose the ellipsis menu next to the project you want to view and select Project diagnostics.

Within the diagnostics, you can view elements such as:

  • AWS IAM roles applied to a project, including the policies the role contains and where they have been applied from
  • The implementation status of cloud rule and cloud access rule resources

You can also use Project Diagnostics to uncover where some objects might not be implemented correctly.

Red exclamation marks indicate resources that aren't yet implemented. Any resource that needs a re-attempt will be called out in red. Re-attempts can be triggered directly from within Project Diagnostics.

For more information about Project Diagnostics and other features within Kion, please visit our Success Center.

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