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Feature Friday: Set Up a Google Service Account

Austin Fuller

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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 10:25am

Google Cloud is one of the fastest-growing cloud providers and it's easy to see why. Google provides a best-in-class experience when running Kubernetes or artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads. Google Cloud also offers Big Query for working with large data sets.

Kion is a multi-cloud platform and supports AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Google Service Accounts allow you to enable many of the popular features you enjoy from Kion when managing AWS and Azure environments, for your Google Cloud environment. A Google Service Account enables Google Cloud features in Kion including financial reporting, user access management, and federation, automated project creation, and compliance scanning.

Create the Google Cloud Service Account

  1. Create a dedicated Google Cloud project to house the service account. This can be placed anywhere you'd like in your Google organizational hierarchy.
  2. Once in the Google Cloud project, select "IAM & Admin".
  3. Select "Service Accounts".
  4. Select "Create Service Account".
  5. Name the service account.
  6. Select "Done".

Create the JSON Key

  1. Under your service account, select "Actions".
  2. Select "Manage Keys".
  3. Select "Add Key".
  4. Select "Create New Key".
  5. Choose the recommended JSON key type.
The key will then be downloaded locally to your device.

Set Up the Service Account in Kion

  1. From within Kion under "Accounts", select "Google Cloud Service Accounts".
  2. Select "Add New".
  3. Name the account.
  4. Upload the previously downloaded JSON key.
  5. Select "Create Google Cloud Service Account".

The Google Service Account is now created inside of Kion, which enables financial reporting, user access management and federation, automated project creation, and compliance scanning.

If you'd like to see a demo of how Kion works with multiple cloud providers or how we can help you to add Google Cloud to your multi-cloud strategy, please contact one of our experts.

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