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Feature Friday: What Are Labels?

John Hall

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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 10:18am

Kion's internal labels are used to group objects together inside of Kion. Yes, they can be used as a visual identifier, but the power of labels shines in using them in reporting. For example, when configuring a report, you can filter by label, meaning you can see things specific to your environment and how you have labeled it inside Kion. An excellent example of this would be running a project spend report for all projects labeled "production" to view detailed spend by resource for all of your production projects.

Objects that can be labeled in Kion:

  • Organizational Units
  • Projects
  • Accounts
  • Funding Sources
  • Cloud Rules

How to Create A Project Spend Report Filtered By Label

  1. Select "Reporting."
  2. Under "Build Report by Item Type," select "Project Reports."
  3. Under "Report Type," select "Spend Report."
  4. Select your desired date range.
  5. Under "Projects," choose "Select All."
  6. Under "Spend View," select "Spend by Project."
  7. Under "Filters," select "Add New Filter."
  8. Configure your filter logic by selecting "One or More Labels," "Includes," and then select your desired label.
  9. Select "Generate Report."

This will generate a spend report containing only projects with your selected label(s) applied to them, giving you even more visibility into your environment.

Using Labels to Create Powerful Multi-Cloud Context

Kion's labels allow you to add another context dimension to your data inside of Kion. It is important to remember that labels are independent inside of Kion, meaning they are not dependent on anything inside a cloud provider or any cloud accounts to generate them. Also, labels can be applied to any report in Kion, not only financial reports. This means you can use labels to create new data views that wouldn't otherwise be visible.

If you'd like to learn more about how to use labels to unlock powerful context inside your cloud environment, please get in touch with one of our experts.

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