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Feature Spotlight: Resource Inventory

John Hall

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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 12:41pm

At Kion, our mission is to make it simpler and easier for organizations to achieve the benefits of the cloud. We want to empower people to move farther and faster in the cloud. Two ways we do this are by supplying context and eliminating mundane grunt work.

Resource Inventory is a great example of a feature that does both. Have you ever needed to find a resource in your cloud environment but only have an IP address to reference? Have you ever wished you could see resources across your cloud environments and wanted to search and filter them like your favorite ecommerce sites? Welcome to Resource Inventory.

Resource inventory is a new feature in our 3.4 release that allows you to locate cloud resources and the associated data inside Kion; it's like a multi-cloud search engine.

Powerful Filters

Resource Inventory allows filtering of your resources with parameters like resource type, size, region, cloud provider, and many more. Using the filters is simple.

  1. Navigate to the "Resource Inventory" page.
  2. Select your desired filters on the "Filter Resources" pane on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select "Apply Filters" at the top of the pane.

You will now receive results of resources matching your applied parameters.

Lightning-fast Search

The search bar on the resource inventory page allows you to search for resources using IP address, resource ID, and other metadata to help you find what you need fast.

  1. Navigate to the "Resource Inventory" page.
  2. Select the search bar directly above the "Resource ID" column (not the global search bar at the top of the page).
  3. Enter your search query. For example, an AMI ID or private IP address.

You will now receive any matching resources that match your query.

Adding Context

Kion provides a wealth of contextual information about your cloud environment, and we want to expand on that by being able to display that data from an individual resource perspective. With Resource Inventory, you can drill down into the individual resources in your search results to view a wealth of information about a specific resource. By selecting a resource from the search results, you can view all of the associated data, including associated compliance findings, savings opportunities, and spend. You can also access the resource via the "Cloud access" button if your role and permissions allow it.

Your New Multi-Cloud Search Engine

Resource Inventory is the foundation for even more powerful functionality across your cloud environment and embodies our mission of helping you do more in the cloud, faster.

If you’d like to learn more about how Kion can help you to eliminate the confusion and mundane grunt work often found when working in the public cloud, please get in contact with one of our experts.

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