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Governance of Multi-Account, Large-Scale AWS Environments Using an Automated Approach

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Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 2:24pm

In 2018, under our former brand, our CEO, Brian Price, presented alongside Brett Miller, AWS, Kaushik Mohanty, AWS, and Raymond O’Brien, NASA, at the AWS Public Sector Summit. This presentation was centered around how AWS customers, both in the commercial and public sector space, wanted to make cloud compliance and governance easier.

Brett shared how AWS customers were looking to remove manual processes and have a holistic and automated governance approach that scales infinitely. Ray, one of AWS' customers at NASA, relayed his team's journey to establish connectivity between their organization and AWS, and how they structured an agency-wide acquisition vehicle for the use of AWS. While NASA started its cloud process early, they were still met with growing pains including managing a variety of co-tenants with limited AWS accounts and enabling a growing number of NASA projects in a large number of individual AWS accounts.

Kion was able to support NASA by helping them manage their cloud presence at scale. Our software provides users the ability to enforce fiscal and compliance policies, provide native access to AWS services, and offer easy access for technical staff to create the resources they need. We also make it easy for senior leadership to enact financial and compliance oversight as adoption scales.

To close the presentation, Kaushik shared how AWS Service Catalog bridges the gap between organizations and developers and offers both groups standardization, governance, and control. Check out the full presentation, Governance of Multi-Account, Large-Scale AWS Environments Using an Automated Approach

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