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How Kion Works with Native AWS Services

Marianna Noll

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Last updated on October 25th, 2023 at 10:08am

How does Kion work with AWS native services? When does it make sense for me to consider using Kion in addition to – or instead of – AWS native services?

We often hear these questions from cloud professionals evaluating Kion. Let’s dive into how Kion complements – and leverages – several key AWS services.

Before we get into it, two important points:

  • If you’re operating in a multi-cloud environment, AWS services do not help you manage Azure or Google Cloud environments. The Kion solution delivers governance and management across all three major cloud providers.
  • Kion can manage multiple AWS organizations or partitions using a common set of policies, controls, reports, and guardrails. For customers using multiple management accounts that span workloads across AWS Commercial and GovCloud partitions – or even the secret and top-secret regions – Kion helps standardize and centralize your cloud operations.

Kion and AWS Organizations

AWS Organizations is a service designed to help combine management and policy across several AWS accounts.

Kion leverages AWS Organizations to apply Service Control Policies (SCPs) and create new accounts programmatically.

The Kion Value Add

  • Kion supplements AWS Organizations to manage spend, compliance, and policy across Organizations – in the commercial partition and GovCloud.
  • Kion’s independent organizational structure allows customers to align cloud accounts to their business units and departments while allowing AWS Organizations to still group accounts via data classification or more technical views.
  • Kion leverages AWS Organizations to create new commercial or GovCloud accounts programmatically via UI or API, allowing customers to scale in the cloud easily and safely.
  • Kion leverages AWS Organizations to apply native SCPs directly to accounts to help customers standardize policy management and configuration across multiple organizations.
  • Where AWS Organizations does not exist, Kion can supplement the capability using the built-in organizational chart and IAM DENY policies to act as SCPs in Amazon Dedicated Cloud (ADC) regions.
  • Kion leverages AWS Organizations but it does not rely on Organizations, making Kion a great fit for organizations who don’t plan to adopt the native service.

Download the PDF to learn how Kion complements AWS CloudFormation, AWS Landing Zones, AWS Control Tower, and more.

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