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Ashley Conway

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Last updated on February 1st, 2023 at 2:51pm

Meet Susanne, who takes us into the glamorous world of accounting and finance and shares what drew her to join the team.

1. Tell us about your role here at

I am the accountant here at My role covers all things accounting and finance, from managing day-to-day accounting needs to supporting our COO with quarterly and annual budgeting and forecasting, ad hoc reporting ... you name it!

2. What initially drew you to the opportunity at

Two main factors attracted me to this position. The first was the opportunity to wear a lot of different hats which can be rare in accounting, as well as the expectation that I would grow and expand into new areas of interest and need within the department. The second was that I realized from the very first interview that the people I would be working with and for were exceptional. Not only were they really intelligent and driven but also warm, friendly, and even funny. I knew this was an environment I could thrive in.

3. You mentioned the environment is a key factor in your decision to join the team. How would you describe the company’s culture?

The company culture is one of my favorite things about working here. Being part of a small operations team at a small company could be an isolating experience. However, at I really feel like an integral part of the company. The culture is one of inclusivity, exceptionalism, kindness, and transparency. That’s quite an impressive mix in my experience. I’ve never met such a personable, intelligent, and fun bunch of techies!

4. What would you say has been your biggest achievement here at

So far, I’d say my biggest achievement has been to be acknowledged as a reliable and trusted asset to John, our COO, which in turn enables him to focus on leadership. It feels good to build trust through good work and to be considered a valuable part of a team.

5. Talk to us a little bit about what it’s like working behind the scenes at a tech company.

Accounting and finance are VERY glamorous fields! Maybe not, but what I love about working in this area, particularly for a tech company, is how innovative they are in all aspects of running the company. If there is a more efficient, effective way of managing something, they are all for checking it out. Not surprisingly, we use a lot of really cool cloud-based apps to manage the behind-the-scenes action.

6. Enough about work…what do you like to do outside of the 9-5?

I have a large family, all living nearby, so there’s always some event to celebrate with them. My fiancé and I love to check out new digs and lately, we’ve been trying out various “beach bars.” These outdoor beach-inspired restaurants have been an interesting and fun way to dine out safely during the pandemic as well as to check out parts of Maryland that haven’t been on our radar in the past.

7. Favorite Slack channel at and why?

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I’d say right now my favorite channel is #nobodycaresaboutyourkids because my kids are older and I love seeing all the little one's antics while knowing I’ve survived it all! I also have high hopes for the Jeopardy channel we are working on integrating.

8. Early bird or night owl?

I’d say I’m square in the middle. I am most productive in the morning (but not too early) and I love that I can get everything accomplished and still have time to take care of my family and myself after my workday is done.

9. The best and worst part about working from home during the pandemic?

The best part for me is definitely not having to get ready in the morning if I don’t need to, and no commute! The worst part is not always knowing when to shut things off and switch over to family life. I don’t have a dedicated home office so if I’m working too late my family simply starts to take over and I have to take the hint.

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