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Optimizing Your Enterprise Cloud Lifecycle

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Last updated on February 1st, 2023 at 3:11pm

What is the Enterprise Cloud Lifecycle?

Your enterprise cloud environment has a natural lifecycle. It follows rhythms, from the first account’s provisioning to the last one’s decommissioning. And like most things with a lifecycle, it won’t grow and thrive without a little TLC. From the day you migrate to the cloud, you’ll need to manage three main factors for a healthy cloud lifecycle: efficient automation and orchestration, proactive financial management, and continuous compliance with internal and regulatory standards.

But these factors for success aren’t necessarily sustained out of the box. Your cloud service provider may give you the cloud environment, but it’s up to your organization to support these critical factors of cloud health.

Kion, an industry-leading, multi-cloud governance solution, bridges that gap by providing every tool you need, all in one place. We offer the missing puzzle pieces for cloud health, including:

  • Hierarchical controls for easy account provisioning,
  • Automated enforcements to uphold spending limits, and
  • Pre-built security checks for out-of-the-box compliance.

Wherever you are on your journey to the cloud, we can help you to optimize your end-to-end enterprise cloud lifecycle, enabling your organization not just to scale, but also to thrive.

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