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Release News: What We’re Shipping with 2.15

Marianna Noll

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Last updated on February 2nd, 2023 at 2:55pm Version 2.15 includes several updates to give you greater insight into costs, more budget enforcement options, and a quicker onboarding to For an overview, read on and check out the complete details in the Release Notes section of the Support Center.

Get greater cost insight with tag support

Tags in AWS allow you to assign metadata to a resource. Tags can be particularly helpful for cost allocation when you have multiple workloads running within one AWS account. For example, let's say we tag an EC2 instance with Department=Delivery and another instance with Department=Engineering in the same account. Prior to introducing tag-based reporting, we weren't able to identify the department to allocate spend. Our latest release allows you to break down costs by tag, giving you enhanced visibility into your spend.

Spend by tag report screen

In addition, there's an AWS default createdBy tag that we can ingest if you've set your environment up to use that tag. When you use this tag in AWS' Cost Explorer, it's impossible to look at the same user across multiple accounts because AWS includes a unique identifier to the role/IAM user in the tag value. We've improved upon the Cost Explorer feature set by removing this unique identifier so you can see what an individual user has done across multiple accounts.

spend by createdBy tag screen

Do more with your webhooks

You can now execute both POST and GET commands using webhooks and modify the data sent in a request body. Integrate with more systems - in more robust ways - with this enhanced webhook functionality.

Ingest your AWS accounts faster

Have existing AWS accounts you want to govern with We've made it easier to import accounts from your organization directly into Simply navigate to the Billing Sources page in, and view the accounts not yet in You can choose to add an account to the cache or a project, or import all accounts into the cache.

Streamline your setup process

We added a new button for testing a billing source during creating/editing that will help you verify your configuration prior to moving on to ingesting accounts within cloudtamer.

Leverage enhancements to CFTs

We added support to enable termination protection on CloudFormation templates (CFTs), allowing you to leverage AWS-native features to protect critical infrastructure templates. In addition, we now support multi-region CFTs. With one CFT in, you can deploy our solution to multiple regions in AWS. So, for those AWS services that require activation on a per-region basis, like GuardDuty, you can do away with creating the same template for each region. Create one template and easily deploy to multiple regions!

Get more budget enforcement flexibility

You can now set enforcements at the OU level based on current month, current year, or lifetime. We also modified cost control functionality so that funding source enforcements only tag the funding source, not the projects associated with the funding source.

Get finer-grained access management

We added the 'Cloud Access Roles' tab section to the User view so you can now see all of a user's cloud access roles.

cloud access role tab on user view

In addition, for more granular control across your environment, CARs can now be configured to only allow a specific level of access. You can enable short-term access keys, console access, long-term access keys, or any combination thereof at a CAR level. In a related enhancement, short-term access keys can now last up to 12 hours!

create cloud access role screen shot

In addition to these new capabilities, you'll notice several user interface tweaks to help enhance your experience with You can find details on these changes - and on everything new in 2.15 - at our Support Center.

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