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Release News: What We’re Shipping with 2.21

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Last updated on February 2nd, 2023 at 3:02pm's 2.21 release is now live! This month we made a ton of changes, including more comprehensive spend reports, time-saving productivity hacks, faster processing within the application, and more. Check out the highlights below, and let us know what you think and what else you'd like to see in future updates!

Drill down even further on spend reports

You may already know about our spend reports, which allow you to easily visualize your spending by month. Some types of spend reports allow you to drill down even further into your data. On these reports, within the Spending by Service or Spending by Tag tables, you can click on each amount to dig into spending for each month for that service/tag only.

This month, we added the ability to drill down for details on even more spend reports. This makes it easy to see exactly where your funds are going. We added drill-downs to the following reports:

  • The global project service spend report (across all projects).
  • The global OU service spend report (across all OUs).
  • The single account service spend report.
  • The single account tag spend report.
  • The account service spend report (across all accounts).
  • The account tag spend report (across all accounts).

Check out our example below, where we drill down on Amazon EC2 spending for all projects in February. Using this drill-down view, you can stay informed on which instances within the service ate up your resources for that month.

Amazon EC2 Spending Drill Down

Save time on your day-to-day tasks

We spent some time this month focusing on productivity boosters that will save you time. Every little task you complete throughout the day contributes to your workload, and we want to make your job easier with some of our newest features, including:

Default Owner Settings

We added the option to set default owners within your user settings. These default owners will be pre-selected when you create new resources, which means you don't have to choose your owners on every individual item you create. Set the owner to be an individual admin user or to a user group, and you'll never have to worry about designating owners on objects again!

Cloud Rule Cloning

We added cloning, which is basically our "Save As" button, to cloud rules. This means you can create a new cloud rule using an existing cloud rule as a template, preserving its settings and allowing you to make any changes before creating the new rule.

Account Access Shortcuts

We know that when you see compliance or spend issues, you want to know where the issue occurred. You also may want easy access to your cloud service provider (CSP) to make changes. To achieve this, we added lots of new info and options to the compliance tables/menus and spend reports. This includes adding the account name, the account number, and a direct account access link on the resource level spend table within spend reports. This shows you which accounts are costing the most and gives you quick native CSP access for those accounts.

Get 9x the space and 10x+ the speed

We know time saving isn't just about productivity hacks; you also need pages to load quickly. can now handle more even faster with these speed and size upgrades:

Lightning Fast Audit Logging

You should see greatly improved performance for the audit log when several pages of changes are logged. In internal tests, the audit log loaded more than ten times faster!

All-In-One Azure Subscription Import

You can now import all subscriptions under an Azure CSP or EA billing source into the account cache, making the import process much faster. For some users, this is the difference between importing ~100 accounts individually and loading them all at once!

XL CloudFormation Template Capacity

We changed our process for storing large CloudFormation templates, so you can now deploy CFTs that are up to nine times larger (with a max of 460,800 bytes instead of 51,200 bytes).

We made 60+ other changes!

This release continues our trend of adding more features in each release than ever before, so we made too many enhancements to fit into one blog article!

If you're an existing customer, you can check out the Support Center to see all the changes we’ve made in 2.21.

If you're new to, we'd be happy to provide a deeper look at request a demo.

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