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New in Release 2.22: Save 30% On Your Cloud Bill, Declutter, and More!

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Last updated on February 2nd, 2023 at 3:04pm release 2.22 is officially live, and it’s definitely one for the books. If you want to learn what we’ve added, including a way to save 30% on your cloud bill (!), read on for more details!

Reclaim 30% of your cloud spending

If you’re using, you’re already saving money by automating. Plus, you’ve got heightened visibility into your cloud spend.

But we just added a game-changing new feature to find and fix cloud waste: savings opportunities.

With savings opportunities, scans your cloud environment regularly and suggests cost-saving changes. These changes are based on over-provisioned or abandoned cloud resources, which we identify by their utilization over time. Fixing these resources helps you to only pay for what you actually need.

Our users have averaged 30% off their entire cloud bill after applying their recommended savings opportunities. That includes’s internal operations and a sampling of our customers, with some customers savings much more than that. That’s 30% off your total cloud bill on top of what you already save through automation!

Turn Them On

There are two different types of savings opportunities that can suggest:

  • Rightsizing Opportunity: a recommendation to adjust a resource's size to better fit your utilization patterns.
  • Decommissioning Opportunity: a recommendation to temporarily stop or permanently terminate a resource that is abandoned/is not being utilized.

You can enable savings opportunity checks (which measure your resources against preset benchmarks) in our new settings page. You don’t have to configure rules or parameters for each opportunity, as they come pre-set right out of the box. Just toggle on the pre-configured checks to scan for cloud waste!

View Your Opportunities

Your savings opportunities—and the impact they could have on your cloud spend—are displayed in our intuitive new savings opportunities overview. Use the overview to see what changes we've recommended and the amount you'll save monthly or annually.

Take Action

Once an opportunity is identified, you can take the following actions through the opportunity details drawer:

  • Apply the savings opportunity from your cloud provider's management portal and mark the opportunity as applied.
  • Dismiss the opportunity if you do not wish to make the change at that time.
  • Stop or terminate a resource from right within

This release also adds new permissions associated with savings opportunities. You can assign users the ability to “browse” and “address” savings opportunities for an OU or a project or globally.

Things that won’t save you 30% on cloud bills, but they DO make more awesome

While savings opportunities stole the show in this release, we made plenty of other exciting updates to improve!

  • We added a highly-requested decluttering feature: the ability to turn off specific cloud service providers (CSPs) within This removes the menu options to connect resources for those CSPs and hides the CSP elements within that are only useful for their users. That way, you only view the options that are relevant for your cloud environment.
  • Our AWS users should see significant performance improvements when importing AWS-managed IAM policies. Our internal tests showed policies loading ten times faster!
  • You can now enable automatic rotation for the Azure API key, which is a more secure setup for Azure users.
  • Speaking of Azure: will now scan your Azure EA and CSP customer credentials once a day to confirm that we still have access. If we lose or re-gain access to Azure’s API using these credentials, we’ll send you a digest email outlining what has changed.

And that's just the beginning!

We made too many enhancements to fit into one blog article, so make sure you check out the Support Center if you’re an existing customer to see all the changes we’ve made in 2.22!

If you're new to, we'd love to show you how much time and money you could save with, so request a demo to learn more.

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