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New in Release 2.29: Google Cloud User Management, Azure Subscription Creation, and More!

Joseph Spurrier

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Last updated on February 2nd, 2023 at 3:10pm

Our 2.29 release is a big one! We smashed over 30 issues, added 11 new features, and made over 25 other changes across the platform. Here's a look at just some of what's new.

Create Google Cloud IAM Roles

We're continuing to enrich our support for Google Cloud. In late 2020, we released financial support for Google Cloud to allow you to manage your cloud spend, set enforcements, and view reports across the difference services. Now, we've added the ability to centralize all your Google Cloud IAM roles in and then apply these to cloud access roles as well as cloud rules! is your one-stop shop for all your cloud management needs. Cloud administrators use, but our solution is also used by engineers and your financial and security teams because it helps consolidate operations and gives you visibility and control over your cloud resources. Our Google Cloud customers can now create and edit Google Cloud IAM roles right in the interface and will then push out those changes to the Google accounts.

create and edit Google Cloud IAM roles in

Create Azure Subscriptions

For our Azure CSP customers, you can now create new Azure subscriptions right from! Previously, you could import Azure subscriptions; now you've got one less step in the process. streamlines your account creation process, enabling you and your teams to build and scale quickly.

create Azure subscription within cloud governance software called

Clone Funding Sources

When that new fiscal year rolls around, there is a bit of work that needs to happen to ensure your spend plans are set up properly and ready for the upcoming year. We wanted to make your life even easier so now you have the ability to clone a funding source. By cloning a funding source, you can automatically apply a newly created funding source to all project spend plans where the existing funding source is applied.

how to apply a newly created funding source to all project spend plans where the existing funding source is applied with

The magic is in how we calculate those spend plan amounts for you. When you choose the new funding source amount, will calculate the amounts that need to be planned on each of the existing projects and automatically perform the allocations. You can even increase or decrease the new funding source amount and will make changes across the board, saving you time. You're free to make changes after the fact if there are variations to individual projects. We think you'll love the new time savings!

clone funding sources screen 2

Do More with the Org Chart

We're going to be making some helpful updates over the coming months to the Org Chart. The first of these is the new Org Chart bar at the top of the screen that provides the ability to change your spending timeframe between Current Funding Sources or Lifetime spend. Choose the timeframe that best fits your needs.

org chart in

Take Advantage of New Public API Endpoints

You love automation? Us too! We added a few new public API endpoints that are documented in Swagger. The first one allows you to remove accounts from the account cache. Previously, you could only do this in the user interface, but now you can extend your workflows to easily decommission accounts when you are done with them.

Another new endpoint allows you to rotate an API key with a single call. Before, you had to make a couple calls and had to keep track of the old API while making the switch. Now, you can do the work with just one call so you can easily keep your keys fresh and secure.

how to rotate an API key with a single call with

The last new endpoint supports Terraform Provider and it allows you to return a single User Group Association on a SAML IDMS via ID. Before, you had to loop through all of them to find the one you wanted, but now it's just a call away. We'll be releasing an update to our Terraform Provider soon that will allow you to manage the associations.

Terraform Provider endpoint support through

And There's Even More!

If you're an existing customer, you can learn about all the changes we made in 2.29 in our Support Center.

If you're new to, welcome! You can request a demo to learn more about our comprehensive cloud management software.

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