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Release News: What We're Shipping with 2.9.0

Marianna Noll

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Last updated on February 2nd, 2023 at 3:21pm

In our cloud-taming laboratory, we continue to develop new features to help customers govern their workloads in the cloud. Here's what's new in our just-released version 2.9.0.

Webhooks to integrate with your existing DevOps tools

We've added webhooks, which can be applied before and after the Cloud Formations in our Cloud Rules. Webhooks allow you to extend functionality beyond IAM policies and Cloud Formation templates by integrating with your own services. Webhooks also make testing much easier because you can build a full CI/CD process around your services and then have reach out to them.

A great example of a webhooks use case is a service that deletes all default VPCs in all regions in preparation for setting up your own VPCs. This is not easily achievable with a Cloud Formation, but easy to do with a service that interacts with the AWS CLI or AWS SDK.

Flexible budget enforcement actions for projects and funding sources

We've added more budget enforcement options at the project and funding source levels, as well as the ability to specify users and groups to receive notifications. For example, you can now elect to send a notification when:

  • A project's monthly spend exceeds a percentage of remaining budget
  • The amount remaining in the project budget drops below a percentage
  • The amount spent from a funding source exceeds a percentage of total amount
  • The amount unused within a funding source drops below a specified dollar amount
screen showing budget enforcement actions

Cloud Rule exemptions for OUs

You can now request exemptions for Cloud Rules that are inherited by OUs. This provides more control over how policies are managed across your organization.

Increased financial visibility and flexibility

We've added a few new views for project spend across our application. In addition to lifetime spend and current month spend, you can now view spend by current funding sources. We've also added the ability to download the financials for a project for offline use.

screen showing cloud spend by funding source

These are the big highlights of our latest release. Customers can click the Support link on the User menu within to visit our Support Center and get the complete list of additions and changes in 2.9.0.

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