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Kion for Google Cloud

Kion is proud to be a part of the Google Cloud partner network.

Our cloud enablement software complements and enhances built-in Google Cloud functionality for added visibility and financial enforcement.

With our out-of-the-box support for Google Cloud, you can:

  • Federate users into Google Cloud projects using cloud access roles. You can easily manage IAM roles across multiple Google organizations and provide users with one-click access into the correct Google Cloud project.
  • Create spend plans that match your real-life plan. You can pull in externally-created Google Cloud service accounts, billing accounts, and projects, then attach them to Kion projects. Once you’ve done that, you can create funding sources, allocate funds, and track spending across your projects and cloud providers.
  • Run comprehensive reports and view your Google Cloud financial data alongside other cloud providers. Our report builder lets you slice and dice your spend data in so many ways: view spend by project, OU, account, service, and more.
  • Set up spending enforcements that trigger when you reach a set spending threshold. You can get notifications before you’ve blown your monthly, yearly, or lifetime Google Cloud budget, so you know when to curb spending and won’t have any surprises.

If you’re incorporating Google Cloud into your cloud landscape, check out our resource on how to Govern Google Cloud and Beyond and learn how to get all the benefits of multi-cloud while saving time.