Continuous Compliance

Navigate compliance confidently with proactive and reactive controls.

Our Capabilities

Compliance checks

Kion jumpstarts help you gain control and accelerate your compliance.


  • 6000+ built-in compliance checks to make it easy to adhere to best practices like CIS, NIST CSF, PCI, 800-53, and 800-171
  • Security control matrices mapped to industry standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and FedRAMP to reduce audit prep time
  • Customizable checks in common languages like YAML to meet unique security requirements.

360-degree compliance support

Kion prevents, detects, reports, and remediates findings across your cloud footprint and across cloud providers.


  • Day-1 proactive guardrails to enforce use of approved cloud services, configurations, and regions
  • On-demand or scheduled checks for continual feedback to spot trends and assess real-time compliance posture
  • Auto-remediation to fix misconfigurations like public resources, misconfigured security groups, or abandoned access keys

Built-in integrations

Kion works with your existing technology so you can see your complete compliance picture.


  • CI/CD and configuration management workflow integrations to manage and deploy security policies
  • Integration with native solutions like Azure Security Center or AWS Security Hub to export findings
  • One-stop insight into OS-level and cloud service misconfigurations by ingesting findings from other solutions

Key Benefits

Kion provides the proactive boundaries and reactive detection and reporting to ensure compliance - and the auto-remediation to help you end the grunt work.

Why Kion

  • Get Day-1 compliance confidence
  • Save time with auto-remediation
  • End alert fatigue
  • Spot trends early to improve cyber risk posture

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