Financial Management

Control cloud costs with budget enforcements and savings opportunities.


Allocate and track spending, get real-time and forecasted data, identify savings opportunities, and enforce budgets.

Our Capabilities

Savings opportunities

Kion's cost optimization features continually scan your environment, helping you identify opportunities to save 30% or more on your cloud bill and making you more cost efficient.


  • Built in checks to identify over provisioned and unused resources to rightsize or decommission
  • Enforcements to ensure you don't miss when RIs are due to expire
  • Multi-faceted views of savings findings; automation to enable owners to take action to save money

Budget enforcements

With Kion, you won't be surprised by a cloud bill. Kion includes cost enforcements to curb spend in real time.


  • Visual indicators to alert users of spending in excess of plan
  • Automated actions to freeze spend or downsize instances
  • Workflow integrations to request funds and perform other custom actions

Budgeting and cost tracking

Kion makes cloud costs meaningful by aligning spend to your corporate budget. You get the visibility - across the organization or within a specific business area - to see the big picture.


  • Project-level allocation using unique funding sources mapped to internal/external cost centers, contracts, grants, or budgets
  • Near real-time view of cloud spend to understand the top cost drivers
  • Forecasted spend data to sync cloud budgets with ERP and BI tools, and spreadsheets

Key Benefits

Kion makes it easy to allocate funds, get cost visibility, and control spend – and hard to blow your budget.

Why Kion

  • Get insight into real-time spend to avoid cloud bill surprises
  • Save money and reduce cloud waste
  • Identify top cost drivers by department and project
  • Streamline monthly cloud bill reconciliation and reporting

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