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Kion gives you control, context, and actionable insight to help you innovate in the cloud.

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The Product

Designed to combine the three pillars necessary for complete cloud control in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. When brought together, you reach that special place we call Cloud Operations.

Automation & Orchestration

Kion helps you automate the cloud lifecycle, while delivering visibility and transparency for all of your users.

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Financial Management

Kion makes it easy to set and enforce budgets, get current spend insight, and identify cost optimization opportunities.

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Continuous Compliance

Kion provides a complete 360-degree solution to prevent, detect, report, and remediate compliance issues.

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Built For

How Kion Helps

Cloud Operations Leaders

We automate cloud activities from account spin up to retirement. Tasks that once took weeks now take minutes, giving you time to focus on more value-add activities.

Security Professionals

Kion helps security teams prevent, detect, report, and remediate compliance issues. And we include policies and scans to comply with leading industry standards, like NIST 800-53 Low/Moderate/High, NIST 800-171, ISO/IEC 27001, CMMC L3, and CIS 1.2.

Finance Teams

We give financial stakeholders cost visibility, control, and context across the organization. From allocating and automatically enforcing budgets to identifying savings opportunities, Kion helps ensure fiscal responsibility.


Kion gives engineers native access to the cloud, visibility into compliance regimes, cost transparency to take advantage of right-sizing opportunities, and an easy, intuitive user experience to make better decisions and get stuff done.

Our Use Cases

Whether you’re serving the public, educating students, or creating the next great consumer product, Kion helps you go farther, faster in the cloud.

Government Agencies

We help government agencies manage funding buckets, align spend with appropriations, comply with standards, and ensure compliance.

Higher Education

Higher education institutions look to Kion to manage unique funding sources, track and report on spend, and more.

Commercial Enterprises

Enterprises use Kion to provide speedy access to engineers so they can rapidly iterate - while remaining compliant and within budget.

Why Kion?

We deliver more than just the features for complete automated cloud operations. With Kion, you get a comprehensive solution.

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  • Support for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Built-in integrations with your existing tech stack
  • Automations created in familiar languages
  • Organization-wide visibility across your cloud projects
  • Always current cost and compliance reporting
  • Easy, comprehensive onboarding

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