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Automation & Orchestration

Save hours with effortless cloud account setup, access, and control.


Provision accounts, get enterprise-wide visibility, and fully integrate the cloud with your tech stack to automate the full cloud lifecycle.

Our Capabilities

Provisioning with access control

Kion helps you start correctly from day 1 in the cloud by automating the provisioning of accounts with the proper controls around allowed services and budget.


  • Account baselining, with identity and access control
  • Scalable sandbox account creation and decommissioning
  • Policy and compliance inheritance

Complete integration

Kion makes it easy to connect to your existing technology stack because it's installed within your cloud environment.

our features

  • Public API with over 450 endpoints
  • Integrations with leading SIEM, CI/CD pipeline, and ITSM solutions
  • Retained ownership and control of your data, infrastructure, and architecture

Event automation

When a budget threshold is approached, security policy exemption requested, or a decommissioning request received, Kion can automatically respond - freezing spend or initiating a workflow.

our features

  • Automated actions based on enforcements or workflows
  • Automated incident response
  • Support for Webhook integrations

Built For

Key Benefits

Kion restores the end user experience of the cloud by delivering self-service provisioning for your users, easy-to-apply boundaries for admins, and the power of automation for all your cloud users.

Why Kion

  • Deliver fast, controlled access
  • Get organization-wide visibility
  • Save time with complete automation
  • Easily integrate with your tech stack

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