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Feature Friday: Documentation and Support

Matt Duda

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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 10:15am

While we always aim to make our platform simple and easy to use and navigate, we also know that sometimes you just need to know more.

  • Maybe you are just getting started with Kion and want an overview.
  • Or you need to get the technical details about a specific feature like cloud rules or account federation.
  • You may need to reach out to our team because you are stuck and need help.

Whatever the case, Kion’s got you covered with our Success Center.

Accessing the Kion Success Center

Access the Kion Success Center at support.kion.io or from within your Kion instance by selecting ? in the upper-right corner of the interface. If you're in a specific area of the Kion platform, clicking ? will take you to the section of the Success Center that directly relates to your spot in the platform.

From the home page of the Success Center, you have access to release notes, promoted articles, our knowledgebase, and more.

While most of our documentation is public facing, current Kion customers and partners must log in to view all of the documentation. It's a simple sign up requiring just your name and email. If you are a current customer or partner, your email domain has been whitelisted to enable access.

If your organization uses Google SSO or Microsoft Active Directory, you can use this option as well for easy access.

Navigating the Kion Success Center

If you have a specific question, you can simply type it in the main search box on the homepage of the Success Center.

The homepage is also where you'll find direct links to version release notes; a link to our YouTube channel; important promoted articles like getting started guides, quick start guides, and deployment guides; and documentation on our compliance jumpstarts.

Below the promoted articles are documentation categories that contain all of our support articles.

Requesting Help

If you can't find the information or insight you are looking for or need to submit a help ticket, click Submit a Support Request.

Select your Request Type: General Question, Feature Request, or Incident or Problem.

Be sure to include your impact level, urgency, application version, subject, description, and time zone in your ticket so that our support team can route your ticket appropriately to give you the best level of service.

The more details you give us initially the better and quicker we can assist. Feel free to attach screenshots or screen recordings to your support tickets.

That's it! Hopefully you've now learned a bit more about the Kion Success Center and how you can use the Center for documentation and support.

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