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Feature Friday: What is a Kion Objective Review (KOR)?

Austin Fuller

1 min read

Last updated on February 3rd, 2023 at 5:19pm

The Kion Objective Review (KOR) is an important exercise to help you to be as successful as possible in the cloud. Kion engineers will consult with you to ensure that the application is performing to your expectations and provide direction to help you adopt best practices from Kion and the cloud providers.

Some of the topics that Kion engineers will cover during a KOR include:

  • Education on new and existing features that align with your cloud strategy.
  • Evaluation of the infrastructure that supports the application.
  • Making performance recommendations as you scale.
  • Assisting in implementing Kion best practices and automating tasks.
  • Adding third-party integrations.
  • And much more!

One of the core values of Kion is "Turn customers into fans" and the KOR is our opportunity to better serve you and to make certain you are experiencing full cloud enablement and receiving the full benefits of the cloud.

You can submit a ticket here if you'd like to request a Kion Objective Review. If you are not yet a customer and fan of Kion, you can request a demo to see why so many organizations use Kion to gain total visibility and control of their cloud.

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About the Author

Austin Fuller

Austin has nearly a decade in enterprise software and cybersecurity. He is an AWS-certified cloud practitioner and is the Sales Enablement Manager at Kion.

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