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The Journey to Significance: Kion All-Hands 2023

Sam Sloman

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Last updated on May 18th, 2023 at 2:59pm

A few weeks ago, the Kion team traveled to Orlando, FL. for our annual All-Hands event. While we typically meet near our office in Maryland, we felt our team deserved something a bit different in recognition of all their hard work this past year to achieve the goals we set. As a remote-first company, there’s nothing quite like coming together as a team.

Over the past year, we've had a lot of growth and wins to celebrate. In 2023, we have even more opportunities to further expand to help more organizations go farther, faster in the cloud.

For this year’s All-Hands, our core focus was on the concept of significance, and how we can build on our success to establish significance within our space. In order to support our mission of significance, we have to think about how we can continue to enhance our product to make our customer experience the best it can be.

All-Hands Recap

We kicked off our All-Hands event in the morning with an opening keynote from our CEO, Brian Price. Here Brian spoke about our wins over the past year, our team growth, and posed the question: what does Kion need to do to become a significant company?

CEO, Brian Price, presenting one of our fellow Kioneers with a well-deserved gift.

Brian's talk was followed by presentations from each of our department's leaders. Our team listened to how each department has helped contribute to our growth and what we need to do moving forward to stay on track with our goals.

At Kion, a core value is turning our customers into fans. This was made apparent during the presentation from Randy Shore, our VP of Delivery and Support. Randy shared a handful of positive customer testimonials that showed how much our customers value Kion and appreciate the vision of our product.

“What Kion will do is give you the ability to provide consistent control and reporting around finances, security and compliance, and global-based access. That’s why I bought Kion. If that is what you’re looking for - is to get help with the undifferentiated heavy lifting of the account management - that’s where I would pitch Kion.”

While we love knowing our customers appreciate our product as it is now, we are always asking ourselves: what needs to be done in order to help current and future customers? Shane Quinlan, VP of Product, and Brandon Turner, VP of Engineering, shared their vision for where they'd like to see Kion go, and how we plan to get there, and it all starts with our core mission of helping customers be completely cloud enabled. In 2023, we're focusing on Kion’s feature depth, quality, and scalability on the platform in order to grow adoption at enterprise-scale. Keeping our focus on these elements will continue to help us make the cloud simpler and easier to use for our customers.

VP of Sales, Brad Herold, and the Kion team restating the jocular Kion sales pledge.

After lunch, we held two Q&A panels where our team heard directly from their peers on how Kion is evolving as a company and a product. We wrapped up our meeting day with a team-building exercise that motivated our fellow Kioneers to commit to one new thing that will help Kion on our path to significance.

Our team discussing significance during our team-building activity.

More laughs and meaningful conversations from our team-building activity.

An Evening in Epcot

After a day full of company activities, it was time to unwind and enjoy the Disney nightlife! We concluded our evening with a private cocktail reception in Italy at Epcot. Here our team and their significant others enjoyed drinks, desserts, and Epcot's fireworks show.

The Kion Leadership team and their significant others at Epcot.

Members from our Engineering and Delivery & Support teams enjoying our reception at Epcot.

Members from our Sales and Engineer team enjoying our night out in Epcot.

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