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Kion and CSS Announce Integration to Enhance AWS Cloud Data Privacy and Security

Shane Quinlan

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Last updated on December 12th, 2023 at 2:38pm

Obtain a complete picture of your cloud security and compliance posture by combining Cloud Storage Security’s data discovery and antivirus protection for Amazon S3 with Kion’s ability to govern cloud services and identities.

The AWS Shared Responsibility Model puts responsibility for security in the cloud on the customer - from the base architecture up through customer data. To address this, organizations have been left to purchase complicated data security platforms or to develop in-house solutions (solutions that were often designed for on-premises). Many organizations lack the ability to scan Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for malware and viruses, and this blind spot puts them at risk of sharing malware with their users, customers, partners, and critical applications. On top of this, most organizations create new accounts and resources daily, making obtaining a centralized picture of their cloud environments a significant challenge.

Kion’s integration with Cloud Storage Security (CSS) offers a simplified solution for AWS customers. Organizations can achieve a complete picture of their cloud security and compliance posture by combining CSS’s ability to govern the data within Amazon S3 with Kion’s ability to govern and secure the cloud services themselves - providing complete security in the cloud.

New accounts created in Kion can be automatically enrolled in CSS for protection and scanning from the start. Customers can also easily enroll accounts that already exist within Kion once the integration is configured to ensure their entire environment is protected. The integration automates scanning and reporting and includes the flexibility to enable/disable scanning on individual buckets.

If an infected or quarantined file is found by CSS, a finding is posted to the Kion Compliance Dashboard, indicating the affected accounts and risks. From here, customers can quickly take remediation actions either manually or automatically. This ensures that organizations have a holistic picture of their compliance posture across cloud services and the data stored within them.

In addition to delivering data privacy and security by default, automated scanning helps organizations pass audits for the customer’s compliance guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is being launched today? An integration between CSS and Kion that increases data privacy and security.
  2. What are the benefits of this new integration?
    Automation: Kion automates enrollment in CSS and provides automated scanning. This ensures a strong preventative posture and routine auditing for security and compliance.
    Flexibility: Customers determine which accounts and buckets are scanned.
    Comprehensive compliance: Delivers data privacy and data security.
  3. Are there limits on the number of accounts and/or regions scanned? There is no limit on accounts or regions. CSS implementations in any partition can be integrated with Kion.
  4. How much does this cost? Is there an additional cost for the integration? Each product requires individual licensing, but there is no additional cost for the integration. The integration uses a serverless implementation to keep costs minimal (depending on size of the environment).
  5. Are there limitations on the size of files that can be scanned? Learn more about the data scanning capabilities of CSS: Cloud Storage Security Help Docs: What is the max file size you can process?
  6. How do customers get started with this integration? Kion customers can learn how to get started at the Kion Success Center: Compliance Middleware: Cloud Storage Security.

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