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Last updated on February 4th, 2023 at 3:30pm

The pandemic has accelerated the move to the cloud for many enterprises. We're thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with Kublr that will make it easier and faster for customers to create container and non-container workloads that are built for scale. With this partnership, customers will be able to integrate the Kublr platform and the platform into their native cloud environments.

Kublr is a production-ready cluster and application platform. If you're new to, we deliver a multi-cloud governance solution to help organizations manage accounts, enforce budgets, and ensure continuous compliance in the cloud.

I'm so excited to see this integration come to fruition, and our team is looking forward to partnering with Kublr. Their vast knowledge on containers will allow to provide insights on container-based applications for our customers who have adopted a container-based architecture and deployment strategy. Together, we'll help organizations maximize their time-to-value in the cloud.

Read the full press release below for more details on this new partnership. And contact our team to help you realize what a well-managed cloud can do for you. and Kublr Announce Integration to Enable Budget-Based Scalability

Integrated solution offers budget tracking across any infrastructure, ensuring cloud computing costs remain manageable

Washington, DC and Fulton, MD – August 18, 2020 – As the COVID pandemic drives large enterprises to lean heavily on cloud computing solutions to enable their global workforce, Kublr and jointly announced today an integration between their respective platforms to help customers better manage their cloud-native and container-based IT infrastructure.

Driven by the needs of its enterprise customers, Kublr, a spin-off of EastBanc Technologies, was created to help customers transition to containers and Kubernetes by providing enterprise-ready container orchestration. provides a multi-cloud governance solution to make cloud account management, budget enforcement, and continuous compliance simpler for public and private sector organizations of all sizes. Its clients include Indeed, Verizon, and NASA, to name a few. Together, both Kublr and will offer enterprise customers easier and more scalable ways to set up container and non-container workloads including financial insight and control into their complete cloud solution no matter the infrastructure used.

“With Kublr focusing on enterprise infrastructure and Kubernetes management across multiple clouds, on-prem and hybrid environments; and providing multi-cloud governance and cost management; the two solutions complement each other well,” said Oleg Chunikhin, CTO, Kublr. “A new quality emerges for customers using Kublr and - fast time to value, with production clusters up and running in hours instead of weeks, combined with strict governance and budgetary controls. This is especially important today, when the COVID-19 pandemic exposes organizations to new challenges setting new urgency and re-prioritizing their IT organizations’ tasks.”

“Kublr’s Kubernetes management solution offers customers an easier and more streamlined way to scale container-based application deployments that ensure organizations avoid being locked into a single cloud provider,” said CEO and co-founder Brian Price. “At, we use a very similar philosophy to simplify the management of AWS accounts and Azure subscriptions for non-container-based workloads. Enterprise customers today now have a heterogenous mix of IT infrastructure, and this integration gives them better visibility and control of costs, as well as security, independent of how the applications are architected to run in the cloud.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the use of cloud services as it enables companies to be agile and save on capital expenditure, but cloud computing costs can spin out of control,” explained EastBanc Technologies Chairman and IT Innovator Wolf Ruzicka. “By integrating our solutions, large enterprise customers can finally harness their costs and improve budget management, no matter what infrastructure they have.”

About Kublr

Headquartered in Washington, DC, Kublr provides a comprehensive container orchestration platform that speeds the management of containerized applications on any infrastructure. Our mission is to ease cloud-native adoption for enterprises with heterogeneous environments and strict security and governance requirements. Comprehensive and flexible, we are committed to keeping the open-source promise while providing the reliability and security large organizations need. Built on an open platform with a pluggable architecture, Kublr provides built-in multi-factor enterprise security, configuration management, backup and disaster recovery, and logging and monitoring providing the reliability and flexibility large organizations need.

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