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New in Kion v3.9: Revamped spend reports, save and share reports, and in-app compliance programs

Tatum Tummins

4 min read

Last updated on March 28th, 2024 at 10:01am

At Kion, we support a holistic approach to cloud operations, supporting needs across identity, financials, compliance, and automation. Today, we are excited to share some details on the leaps we have made in FinOps reporting and compliance!

Let’s walkthrough the major features included in v3.9, including an entirely new UI for spend reporting, sharing and savings reports, and in-app compliance programs.

Revamped Spend Reports

Financial reporting has gotten a serious make over! Based on feedback from our customers and industry trends, we have overhauled our spend reports to create an exceptional user experience. Under Reporting in the navigation, you’ll find a new reporting overview page which includes your saved reports, a link to the new spend reports, as well as other reports by item type.

The new spend reports page builds reports using our newly expanded dimension, filter, and timeframe options, and you can freely switch between spend data types for a comprehensive view of your financials from any angle.

We can talk about filters and dimensions all day, but the true value comes from the new spend charts and visualizations. They provide at-a-glance month-to-month comparisons across accounts, projects, services, etc. It’s easy to spot trends and anomalies, then drill in for more information.

This spend report update also includes quality-of-life improvements and a consistent interface wherever spend reporting is accessed across the app.

  • You can now:
    • Create new reports utilizing expanded dimension and filter options
    • Switch between spend data types (billed, amortized, etc.)
    • Build reports utilizing relative time-frames
  • You will experience:
    • An improved overall design with quality-of-life updates
    • A consistent interface wherever spend reporting is accessed

For more information, see our knowledge base article: Spend Reports.

Save and Share Reports

Continuing with our updates to reports, we have made it easy to save and share these revamped spend reports. When you create a spend report, easily accessible buttons at the top of the page let you save to your My Saved Reports page, copy the report link, or export to a .csv file. Users will have the ability to save reports for themselves, individual users, or entire user groups.

Save the reports that you need to see frequently and share critical insights within the app or through a simple Slack message via a link.

  • You can now:
    • Save reports and quickly share them with others
    • Utilize shareable URL links
    • Save dynamic reports using relative time-frames
  • You will experience:
    • Quicker access to reports frequently needed
    • Easy sharing of critical insights

For more information, see our knowledge base article: My SavedReports.

Compliance Programs

Several of the leading cybersecurity frameworks are now available to view and reference from within the application. Details of the program—such as baselines, control objectives, and how Kion can provide coverage—are presented alongside quick access to import Kion’s associated jumpstart resources. Review a framework, import the resources, download a control matrix, and you’re well on your way to maintaining and reporting on your security posture.

If you are building your own framework, we suggest using these programs and their included controls as references. They address many common cybersecurity issues that you should consider. Take a look at common issues and see how these programs address them. Then, download some of our pre-made resources, and clone and edit them to suit your needs.

Without leaving Kion, you will now be able to:

  • Familiarize yourself and your team with the details of the compliance framework your organization follows
  • Understand the coverage you can achieve through Kion and which controls Kion provides a jumpstart resource for
  • Copy coverage responses
  • Import the associated jumpstart resources
  • Download a control matrix document for reporting and auditing

For more information, see our knowledge base article: Compliance Programs.

These are just the highlights! For details on all of our new features, changes, and bug fixes, read the full release notes in our Support Center (login required for some articles).

If you're new to Kion, welcome! You can schedule a free demo  to learn more about our comprehensive cloud operations software. You can also follow us on LinkedIn  for more cloud operations news.

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