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Release News: What We’re Shipping with 2.10

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Last updated on February 2nd, 2023 at 2:50pm

Since our last major release, we’ve rolled out several iterations with some minor additions and changes. Now, for 2.10, we’re introducing some significant changes to our UI. We shared a preview of the new interface with visitors to our booth at AWS re:Invent, and the new look got a great reception.

Here are the major new things in 2.10.

Streamlined navigation within projects, organization units, and more

As product functionality has grown, we found that a single-page approach to our features was becoming a bit unwieldy. So, we’ve introduced a new tabbed display to the organization units, projects, users, user groups, and funding sources areas.

The tab options vary based on area, but generally include overview information, financial data, user and permission data, and enforcement options.

screen capture of new tabbed display

Another change on the UI side is a more consolidated display of filtering options via a new drop-down menu.

screen capture of filters drop-down menu

More visibility into users and permissions

The new Permissions tab provides additional details and new viewing options to see access lists by user or by permissions.

screen capture of users and permissions display

With this new view, we have tried to make it very easy to answer questions like:

  • What permissions does [John Doe] have on my project?
  • Who can modify spend plans on my project?
  • How was [John Doe] given permission to apply policies to my project?

Retain history for completed projects

You can now archive a project to support decommissioning. This is a useful option when projects are completed, but you still want to retain data to view past spending.

The Archive Project option is available from the ellipsis menu on the project card. After archiving, the project no longer displays on the project page. You can use the filter drop-down menu to view Archived projects.

These are some of the big highlights of our latest release. Customers can click the Support link on the User menu within to visit our Support Center and get the complete list of additions and changes in 2.10.

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