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Facilitating Cloud Adoption for Education and Research

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Last updated on March 1st, 2023 at 2:26pm

Cloud solutions can offer higher education institutions speed, cost savings, and access to leading services and technologies. Research, academics, and administration can all benefit significantly from cloud adoption. However, many institutions are hesitant or have yet to fully realize the benefits of the cloud because of a fear of high costs, lack of control and visibility, and a shortage of talent on staff.

Kion resolves this dilemma by creating a single platform for complete visibility and total control of your cloud environment.

Cloud Enablement: A Different Approach

Kion makes the cloud more accessible and easier to use for education and research institutions. We’re differentiated in a few key ways:

  • One solution for management and governance
  • Easy provisioning and deprovisioning of accounts and access
  • Budget enforcement, not just notifications
  • Self-hosted, security-first architecture; not a SaaS
  • Native access to the cloud providers

Serving Higher Education’s Diverse Audience and Needs

Most universities have three technology-based focus areas: research, academics, and administration. Each area faces unique challenges — all of which can benefit from the cloud. However, configuring and managing three very different sets of requirements for the cloud is complicated. Kion becomes the single platform of management and governance for cloud and IT staff, acting as the “front door” to the cloud for your institution’s faculty, staff, and students.

For example, researchers and principal investigators have different needs and budgets than student sandbox accounts or your ERP system. Kion makes establishing these environments easy through customizable guardrails around permissions, access, budgets, and compliance to ensure that your cloud is well governed and configured to meet the needs of each functional area of your institution. There are many uses for Kion in universities, but Kion is most used to:

  • Gain visibility and control over cloud budgets and spend
  • Institute a self-service, consumer-like experience for cloud users
  • Qualify for new grants by satisfying compliance requirements

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