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White Paper Azure Continuous Compliance Cloud Enablement

Governance for the Azure Cloud

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Last updated on February 4th, 2023 at 2:27pm

Confronting Your Empty Subscriptions

If you’ve been faced with setting up a new Azure subscription, you know it can be daunting. How will you efficiently grant access to team members, while ensuring the entire team remains secure, compliant, and doesn’t overrun the project budget?

The Azure cloud platform delivers a wealth of possibilities to both commercial and government organizations to drive agility, boost innovation, and deliver business value. But your organization remains responsible for aligning the cloud to your business and ensuring safe, consistent, and economical operations. This task can be so challenging that cloud adoption and value realization are stalled. Without an enforceable governance model, you’re left with a virtual ‘rat’s nest’ of subscriptions and resources that are nearly impossible to manage.

Introducing Governance for Your Subscriptions

Kion can help overcome these cloud management challenges. Kion is comprehensive cloud enablement software that allows you to manage your cloud presence at scale by building on native Azure functionality to deliver automation and orchestration, financial management, and continuous compliance. The result is a single pane of glass view into your cloud from one simple, intuitive interface. Your staff get native access to the Azure portal, and your business leaders get confidence that users can’t exceed established budgets or fall out of compliance.

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