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Webinar: Achieving Multi-Cloud Control and the Freedom to Innovate

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Last updated on May 22nd, 2024 at 3:00pm

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Kion and Internet2 brought together two universities in our webinar, Achieving Multi-Cloud Control and the Freedom to Innovate, to discuss the people, practices, planning, and tooling they’re using to manage their multi-cloud implementations and enable their teams to get work done. Our speakers were Bill Bonner, director of network and cloud engineering at Washington State University, and Mark Ratliff, director for cloud infrastructure services at Princeton University.

Both institutions are leveraging the NET+ Kion service offering to help with account automation, cost management, and security monitoring across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The Internet2 community completed the NET+ service evaluation of Kion in October 2022. Research and education institutions can now benefit from the sweat equity of the schools who conducted this service evaluation.

Watch the replay to hear what these two institutions are learning as they balance the advantages and opportunities of hyper-scale computing with the autonomy inherent in most academic institutions – all while ensuring security, efficiency, and sound financial management.

Learn more about how Kion is enabling higher education and research to get full value from the cloud, and check out our guide to free resources that AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud provide for the higher education community.

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