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Feature Friday Continuous Compliance

Feature Friday: Creating Cloud Rules

John Hall

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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 10:19am

Maintaining proper security, compliance, and governance in your public cloud environment are some of the most important objectives that cloud teams have today, but they're also some of the most difficult and complex. Kion's cloud rules are a powerful system for identity and access management (IAM), disseminating policy, monitoring and enforcing compliance, and so much more. Cloud rules help to make tasks that were once manual and tedious powerful and scaleable. Cloud rules can be applied at the OU and Project level for more precise control and configuration, for example, applying more strict controls to production environments but not to dev environments.

Multi-Cloud Governance, Policy, and IAM

Cloud rules are how you can quickly and easily ensure that the right people are accessing the right resources correctly. To see how powerful cloud rules can be, navigate to the "Cloud Rules" screen under the "Cloud Management" tab. Cloud rules allow you to apply IAM policies, service control policies, and more across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. These can then be deployed across the entire organization, specific OUs, or individual projects to give you granular control to ensure the rules are applied exactly where they are needed. Hierarchical inheritance in Kion's Organization chart lends automation to expedite applying the cloud rules to subsidiary OUs and projects.

Monitor and Enforce Compliance Across Clouds

One of the powerful applications of cloud rules comes from pairing them with Kion's thousands of out-of-the-box compliance checks and standards. This enables you to monitor all accounts and resources within the given project or OU for adherence to specific compliance standards and be notified of any violations of those checks. You can even auto remediate violations in many cases.

Enabling Multi-Cloud Governance and Compliance at Scale

To receive the full benefits of the cloud, you must be confident that the correct policies, access, and privileges are in place. Cloud rules are a powerful medium for instituting and maintaining governance and compliance across multiple cloud environments, thus giving you the confidence to operate with speed at scale in the cloud.

If you’d like to learn more about cloud rules or how Kion can help you to ensure proper governance and compliance in a multi-cloud world, please get in contact with one of our experts.

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