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Growing Our Customers, Product, and Team in 2019

Marianna Noll

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Last updated on February 4th, 2023 at 2:29pm

We just released our year-end summary, sharing news of growth across our customer and employee communities, as well as several enhancements in functionality.

Customer and Product Growth

We added significantly to our customer base, nearly doubling customer accounts and growing cloud spend under management to more than $120M. In addition, we continued to add features and functionality to, with a focus on integration with enterprise technology solutions.

In addition to releasing support for Microsoft Azure and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Secret and Top Secret US Government regions, some of our recent announcements include:

  • End-to-end automated account provisioning for both GovCloud and Commercial regions with out-of-the-box integrations with Jenkins, GitLab Runner, Okta, and OneLogin. This level of automation further extends’s self-service user interface and reduces long and complex lead times to provision accounts. The result is faster provisioning - and adoption - and consistent application of governance in the cloud.
  • Native ServiceNow workflow integration – While we have native self-service workflows for account provisioning, many enterprise customers have an established culture where all service requests are required to originate through ServiceNow. Customers can now enjoy full integration with ServiceNow basic and advanced workflows to expedite project and funding requests.
  • Splunk integration – Our new Splunk integration makes it easy to redirect and analyze change management logs and sensor data for analysis in Splunk.
  • New Compliance Jumpstarts for NIST 800-171 and CIS Benchmarks for AWS - These Cloud Rules and Security Control Matrices ship with to accelerate cloud governance by limiting the heavy lift typically required to get started with top compliance standards. Jumpstarts can be tailored to customers' specific governance, risk, and compliance requirements.

“In listening to our customers, it's evident that these organizations want to be at the center of their governance control plane," said Joseph Spurrier, SVP of Engineering. "This requires integration with other enterprise capabilities like Splunk, ServiceNow, and Xacta 360 to make cloud operations as simple as possible."

"Looking ahead to 2020, our focus on simplifying the cloud remains the same and we are excited to add support for Google Cloud Platform along with providing our customers greater insights into security and financial management aspects of their enterprise cloud environments," Spurrier continued.

Team Growth

During the year, our team grew by 145%, with hires across all business areas. In addition, we recently moved to a new headquarters, more than doubling our square footage at a new location in Fulton, Maryland.

"The end of a year is a natural time for reflection, and when I look back at this year I am very proud of the efforts of our team and very appreciative of the trust placed in by our customers and partners," said Brian Price, CEO. "Our roadmap for 2020 includes many exciting new features that I'm confident will drive continued growth for our team."

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