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How to Transform Your Organization with Effective Cloud Management

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Last updated on February 4th, 2023 at 2:49pm

What if we reimagined cloud management? We had an opportunity to answer this question during our breakout session at the recent AWS Public Sector Summit. Our CEO, Brian Price, shares four recommendations to help you get started on the path to effective cloud management.

Here's what you'll learn in just 20 minutes:

1:34 - A real-world story from 'Jim'. If you've experienced challenges getting quick - and controlled - access to the cloud, you'll likely relate to Jim's experience.

4:50 - The typical cloud management experience for Jim and others.

6:04 - The three principles of effective cloud management.

6:40 - Recommendation #1 - Realize one-way doors are few.

8:20 - Recommendation #2 - Consider your accreditation boundary.

10:14 - Recommendation #3 - Remember: least privilege is best practice for a good reason.

12:12 - Recommendation #4 - Know that exemptions will be needed.

13:37 - Some AWS services and AWS partners that can help with cloud management.

16:10 - How to put all the pieces together: Kion can help you achieve 360-degree compliance - across multiple AWS fabrics AND multiple cloud providers.

17:34 - Learn how your life in the cloud can be easier and more efficient with Kion.

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