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Introducing Kion

Brian Price

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Last updated on February 4th, 2023 at 3:10pm

Today we’re introducing our new brand. It’s been an exciting journey this year to assess where we are and where we want to be in the future. I’d like to share a bit of background about the journey to our new brand – and reiterate what isn’t changing. served us well as we entered the market and built the foundation of a cloud governance solution. But it became obvious – as we matured the product and looked at the market – that we were doing an injustice with the focus on ‘taming’ and being just another in a sea of blue ‘cloudthis’ and ‘cloudthat’ products.

But it’s not enough to say we’re different. We needed to re-think our value, what we delivered, what the unique value proposition was….and it became obvious that bringing together governance and management was more than the sum of these two capabilities.

What comes after governance and management?

What happens after you’ve achieved a well-governed and well-managed cloud?

This is what we call cloud enablement.

Kion is a cloud enablement solution that makes using the cloud simpler – and gives you time back to focus on activities that will drive value. We give organizations greater visibility, more control, confidence in security and budget, and the insights needed to make the decisions that matter. Wherever organizations are on the cloud journey, Kion empowers these organizations to go farther, faster. We don't want to focus on just taming the complexity. We want to ensure that cloud enablement through Kion empowers people to do what they need to do by removing the obstacles that steal time away from the transformative work that moves their organization to the next level.

Our new name and logo

One of the top questions people ask us is what does the name Kion mean?

The name Kion brings together two key elements: an open hand and action. When first developed by the Greeks as the letter kappa, the K was derived from the symbol for an open hand. The suffix -ion notes action or purpose; -ion is defined as a resulting condition or validation. When we join these two thoughts, we have an open hand and action. We offer an open hand to our customers, partnering with them to take action to achieve results in the cloud.

The next question is always about our new logo and what it means. Lux, Latin for light, our mark symbolizes an illumination of one’s road to cloud enablement.

The logo builds on our name as we strive to guide customers by empowering them with the confidence and context they need to move forward. Lux’s lines draw the eye to its center point: a single path to success in the cloud environment. If you look closely in the refraction, you may notice a character.

Thank you to the team at Focus Lab for helping us on this rebrand journey. We could not have asked for a more dedicated, brilliant, passionate team to help hone our ideas into our new brand and help us arrive at this point.

Some things stay the same

While you may go to a different (and shorter) URL to find us and see emails from new email addresses, our core mission doesn’t change: to make it simpler and easier for organizations to achieve the benefits of the cloud. Also, our amazing people: we have the same great team and they remain focused on delivering on our mission. I am so proud of the work this team has accomplished in just 3 short years.

2021 has been an exciting year for us as we transitioned to a remote-first organization, completed our Series A funding round, and now rebrand to better reflect the breadth of what our solution delivers. We’re looking forward to an exciting next few months as we introduce you to Kion.

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